4 Secrets of the Leading Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

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4 Secrets of the Leading Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

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Digital Marketing and Advertising Is a Must for Your Business

Much has changed in the way that businesses are marketed. In order to remain competitive it is essential that you incorporate digital marketing into your overall strategy. The amount of money spent on digital marketing is second only to that used for television advertising and will soon surpass it as well. Digital marketing has the advantage of being affordable as well as the ability to target the audience you want much more effectively. There are also numerous platforms and approaches that can be used and many of them complement each other when used correctly. Although many digital marketing strategies can be implemented by business owners themselves, using professional marketing & advertising companies that specialize in digital online marketing is advisable if you want to get the best results.

What Digital Advertising and Marketing Companies Know That You Don’t

Digital marketing firms are familiar with the technologies and various platforms used for advertising online as well as different trends in the field. They also keep up with digital marketing statistics in order to adjust advertising strategies as necessary. The following are four digital marketing statistics that are along the lines of what digital interactive agencies keep up with that when known, will affect a digital marketing strategy:

  1. Many small and medium sized businesses are unsure which digital marketing method they use has the biggest impact on sales and revenue. The number of small businesses using web site analytics, call tracking or coupon codes is less than 30% and 18% do no tracking at all.
  2. Most small businesses struggle to measure the results of digital investments. A third of marketers say they don’t know which digital tactic has the biggest revenue impact, and nearly one in five small businesses don’t track anything. Less than 30% of small businesses use Web site analytics, call tracking, or coupon codes. 18% of small businesses admit to not tracking anything
  3. Marketing budgets for digital social media will grow. Spending on digital marketing in 2016 is projected to increase by an average of 12% to 15%. Social media marketing budget will increase from 10% of the total marketing budget in 2015 to 14% in 2016. Meanwhile off-line advertising will decrease 2%.
  4. Shoppers referred to a site by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from any other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. On average they will also spend 10% more.

You might be wondering: “Will digital marketing be effective in my industry?” The answer is it is effective in virtually every type of business and you can be sure at least some of your competitors will take advantage of the benefits.

Tips and Suggestions for Choosing a Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

Choosing a marketing agency and some of the best independent ad agencies is an important decision and you will want to be as thorough as possible when looking into each firm. Here are a few tips for selecting an agency to handle your digital marketing needs:

  • Review agency case studies: Case studies show how an agency approaches a particular problem and how they went about resolving it. You will be able to see if their style fits with your company
  • What tools do they use: Find out the digital marketing tools the agency makes use of. Are they familiar with the latest technology? Does what they use suit your particular needs?
  • Don’t choose an agency based on famous clients: Just because an agency did work for a well known company doesn’t mean they will be right for you. You may have different requirements. You should still check out if an agency can handle your requirements no matter whom else they have worked with.
  • Look for agencies familiar with your type of business: It can help a great deal if an agency is already familiar with the types of problems that might be encountered and the target audience you are aiming for

Selecting the right digital marketing and advertising agency could be critical to your company’s success so put in the necessary effort to research firms you are considering.

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